Sandra holt Silber beim Basler Stadtlauf

Ein Bericht von Sandra Jacob News from the slower Sandra The Stadtlauf is always a great experience due to the lights and the festive atmosphere and I was looking forward to trying to run as fast as I did 2 years ago. During the first lap down Freie strasse Irene Keller ran past and greeted me with a pat on the ... Mehr

Its up to you, New York, New York . en

There are things in life that you have to have done. For a runner this is to run a marathon. If it's gonna be the New York City Marathon, do it at the right time. I mean, just 'participating', that is simply not enough. Coupled with another reason, we're getting closer. Nadine Künzi has got it right. It is exactly on her ... Mehr

Aufholjagd beim Duo-Marathon in Luzern

Ein Bericht von Christian Kuhn und Nuno Valente Am Sonntag dem 30.10.2017, während Serena, Mark, Mario, Matthias und Rainer am Frankfurt-Marathon waren, befanden sich einige andere BRC-ler am Laufanlass in Luzern. Mit dabei war auch James, welcher als Pacemaker für die Marathonläufer eine perfekte 3h Zeit lief ... Mehr

Not this time, but next time!

Report from Serena Teoh Roughly 4 weeks before the marathon, after the Copenhagen Half and 10km Basel marathon relay, Rainer and Luki encouraged me to revise my 3:05 target and give the 3:00 mark a go. Physically I was prepared to try, but mentally I had to re-shift, as my mind had been geared and focused on a 3:05 ... Mehr

BRC at Brienzerseelauf – Serena 2nd

Hier ein Bericht von Marc Baks über einen der ältesten und schönsten Langstreckenläufe in der Schweiz: On the bright autumn day 4 of us decided to do our long run in preparation for our upcoming marathons at the Brienzerseelauf, a 35km run around the Brienzersee close to Interlaken. For Serena and Marc it would be ... Mehr

Kopenhagen Half Marathon

By Serena Teoh On the 17th of September morning, Peter and myself made our way to Øster Allé, the start point of the Copenhagen Half Marathon to meet up with Edith. Being awarded the prestigious IAAF Gold Label after only two race editions, we were all excited to be part of this 22,000 participants race event. The ... Mehr

Basel Bruggelauf – 13 August 2017

from Serena Teoh 14 of us racers and supporters remained on home ground last weekend (specially) to take part in the annual local Bruggelauf, a scenic run through Basel's old town along the Rhine. Planning to integrate the race as part of a long run, I started off earlier and arrived at the registration point 20 ... Mehr

A Repetition in Brooklyn NY

Ein Bericht von François Fasnacht 'On Saturday, the largest half-marathon in the country (USA) ran through the eclectic borough of Brooklyn NY. 27'400 runners tackled the 13.1-mile journey that started at the Brooklyn Museum, circled Grand Army Plaza, looped around hilly Prospect Park, flattened out along Ocean ... Mehr

The dark side of the marathon

A report from Marina Perich A bit dramatic the title of this report, but that’s how I felt after not being able to finish the Hamburg Marathon this past weekend. Maybe putting my thoughts on paper will help me analyze what happened. This would have been my third marathon. After running the one in Madrid twice, ... Mehr