Roberts and Fumis Marathon-relay

written by Robert Szemere   Home run:  A narrative of a Marathon-relay with Fumiaki in the city I was raised One may find this article rather long and too personal. However, I felt that I must put my most memorable race in context of my short running history. What I feel fast, is only fast for some of us but not comparable with the Word-Class performances of the top Basel Running Club runners. Especially, I was thrilled by reading the news on David’s 10 km PB or the 2:52 Marathon of Maren (with David). But time is not everything.  I was so happy when Astrid finished her first marathon or when Serena and Jason completed the Boston Marathon despite of the pouring rain and cold. I feel so lucky to be part of BRC, to run with others and follow the guidance of the excellent trainers. Wearing the club jersey gives me more energy than any gel or bar. Before the details a few words from Fumiaki. The run from Fumi’s view. Despite lack of course marshals and some ... Mehr

BRC at the Greifenseelauf

A report from Marina Perich This past Saturday I met with Tamara, Robert and his daughter Dora at the SBB, where we took the train to get to Uster. Here starts the famous Greifenseelauf, with distances 5k, 10k, half-marathon and shorter ones for the kids. From the moment we arrived we saw that it was a huge race, there were a lot of runners. But since it is also very good organized, we had no problems getting our starting numbers and reaching the changing rooms. Tamara and I had decided to run the 10K. We’re doing longer distances this autumn, so this seemed like a good option. We left Robert, who was doing the half and made our way to the start, which was at 13.30. This was a bit weird for me, as I’m used to racing in the morning, but until then the day had warmed up so that the conditions were perfect. My goal was to be under 48min, which considering my training paces was doable. Still way slower than my PB, but I have to be practical and try not to think how much ... Mehr

Sandra holt Silber beim Basler Stadtlauf

Ein Bericht von Sandra Jacob News from the slower Sandra The Stadtlauf is always a great experience due to the lights and the festive atmosphere and I was looking forward to trying to run as fast as I did 2 years ago. During the first lap down Freie strasse Irene Keller ran past and greeted me with a pat on the shoulder. It then became a goal to stay as close as possible to Irene, which I almost managed to do for most of the race. Then during the last uphill stretch before Wettsteinbrucke there was a lady with "Fit mit Jacob" written on the back, and I found it fun to hear lots of encouragements for both Sandra and Jacob - double support! Not only that, I tried to keep up with this lady as well and eventually passed her on Wettsteinbrucke before the welcome sprint down Freie strasse to the finish line. Only later did I find out that "Fit mit Jacob" is a newly released book about a cat called Jacob that shows people how to do fitness exercises (sounds a bit funny - maybe a good ... Mehr

Its up to you, New York, New York . en

There are things in life that you have to have done. For a runner this is to run a marathon. If it's gonna be the New York City Marathon, do it at the right time. I mean, just 'participating', that is simply not enough. Coupled with another reason, we're getting closer. Nadine Künzi has got it right. It is exactly on her 30th birthday that she runs her first marathon in New York, accompanied by Evelyne Müller as pacemaker. Yvonne Turi-Hodel visits an old friend, Marta Secall arrives with some friends from Madrid, Fernando Nunez meets halfway here with his family from Ecuador. That's what makes perfect sense. For many years I have family, friends and business relationship here and have developed an infinite love for Brooklyn. I sweeten the regular visits with participations in running events of all kinds. The focus is not necessarily on fast end times, but rather on the experiences associated with them. And they have it in themself! The New York City Marathon is definitely one ... Mehr

Aufholjagd beim Duo-Marathon in Luzern

Ein Bericht von Christian Kuhn und Nuno Valente Am Sonntag dem 30.10.2017, während Serena, Mark, Mario, Matthias und Rainer am Frankfurt-Marathon waren, befanden sich einige andere BRC-ler am Laufanlass in Luzern. Mit dabei war auch James, welcher als Pacemaker für die Marathonläufer eine perfekte 3h Zeit lief (02:59:02). Ihn konnte ich eigentlich zwei Mal sehen. Er war gut gelaunt, schnellen Schrittes und immer mit einem Lachen unterwegs. Christian: Aufgrund der Verletzung von Daniela und ihrem Laufpartner, entschlossen sich Nuno und ich kurzerhand den Duo-Marathon zu laufen. Ich erhoffte mir dabei ehrlich gesagt eine neue Bestzeit. Jedoch warnte mich mein Bauchgefühl schon am Samstag, dass es schwierig wird. Ich fühlte mich nicht 100%. So lief ich, um 09:02 Uhr, hochmotiviert hinter dem Pacemaker 01:35 Uhr los. Dieser jedoch ging ab wie eine Rakete und lief die ersten 2km mit knapp 04:05/km. Dabei sagte er mir noch vor dem Lauf er rennt von Anfang bis Ende eine ... Mehr

Not this time, but next time!

Report from Serena Teoh Roughly 4 weeks before the marathon, after the Copenhagen Half and 10km Basel marathon relay, Rainer and Luki encouraged me to revise my 3:05 target and give the 3:00 mark a go. Physically I was prepared to try, but mentally I had to re-shift, as my mind had been geared and focused on a 3:05 pace for the past 10 weeks. But then they both told me, when you are so close you just have to try, and when you don’t make it, you still have a best time. I believed in them, and slowly I shifted my mental goal for a 3:00. The day finally arrived. Apart from the disorganised start and some kilometres of head winds at different points of the course, the Frankfurt marathon was pretty much flat with no sharp curves. Preparing for the worst of all weathers– thunderstorm with up to 80kmph of winds, it actually turned out pretty well in the end, 11-12 degrees with hardly any rain. The legs felt good, my shoulder and arm were abit stiff at times, but other than that ... Mehr

BRC at Brienzerseelauf – Serena 2nd

Hier ein Bericht von Marc Baks über einen der ältesten und schönsten Langstreckenläufe in der Schweiz: On the bright autumn day 4 of us decided to do our long run in preparation for our upcoming marathons at the Brienzerseelauf, a 35km run around the Brienzersee close to Interlaken. For Serena and Marc it would be the last long run before their marathon in Frankfurt, for Wolle and Maren it was part of the preparation for Florence for which they still have a bit of preparation time and therefore decided not to go at full speed. The weather was brilliant, offering spectacular views on the mountains surrounding the lake. These same mountains also meant that the course is not flat: 2 significant hills had to be conquered in the first 13km. Serena enthusiastically went up these hills, using some of the energy she still needed to be able to stick to her training schedule of maintaining marathon pace over the last 15km of this “long run”. In the end she finished in an impress... Mehr

Kopenhagen Half Marathon

By Serena Teoh On the 17th of September morning, Peter and myself made our way to Øster Allé, the start point of the Copenhagen Half Marathon to meet up with Edith. Being awarded the prestigious IAAF Gold Label after only two race editions, we were all excited to be part of this 22,000 participants race event. The day started out perfect; 13 degrees temperature complimented by some soothing rays of the sun.    After many toilet breaks and best wishes for each other, we finally started off on this historically fast and spectator-friendly course. Prior to the race, having ran decently at the recent local Bruggelauf, I thought to try for a late 1:27. For this, I had to do an average of 4:08 per km, challenging, but given the fast course and great weather I was set to give it a go. Being careful not to start out too fast, I started after the 1:30 balloon pacers. After 1km it became clear that I was stuck in the pack, I had to get out to clear my path (although my frontal view ... Mehr

Basel Bruggelauf – 13 August 2017

from Serena Teoh 14 of us racers and supporters remained on home ground last weekend (specially) to take part in the annual local Bruggelauf, a scenic run through Basel's old town along the Rhine. Planning to integrate the race as part of a long run, I started off earlier and arrived at the registration point 20 minutes before, with more than enough time for a breather, gel and toilet break. Happy to see David, Colin and Helen at the front of the start point, I quickly jumped in to join them. In no time the gun sounded off, and within the first few seconds I heard someone shouting my name; it did not take long to realise that it was Nuno there on the sideline, this time as an enthusiastic supporter. Courses with undulating pavements, curves and cobbled stones usually agonizes me, but Sunday's weather was kind, and with Marcel and his daughter's cooling sponges, this run was made much more comfortable. Shouts of encouragement also helped spur the BRC runners on ... Mehr

A Repetition in Brooklyn NY

Ein Bericht von François Fasnacht 'On Saturday, the largest half-marathon in the country (USA) ran through the eclectic borough of Brooklyn NY. 27'400 runners tackled the 13.1-mile journey that started at the Brooklyn Museum, circled Grand Army Plaza, looped around hilly Prospect Park, flattened out along Ocean Parkway, and ended on the iconic Coney Island boardwalk. After an unseasonably warm week, cooler temps helped many runners post satisfyingly speedy times' (NYRR) This was especially true for François Fasnacht from the Basel Running Club, who crossed the finish line of the Airbnb Brooklyn Half in 1:33:15, and which is coequal with an age group award as 10th; 20 seconds faster than he did exactly one year before, verily a repetition. 'Am Samstag verlief der größte Halbmarathon der Vereinigten Staaten durch den eklektischen Stadtteil Brooklyn NY. 27'400 Läufer nahmen die 21.1km-Reise in Angriff, welche beim Brooklyn-Museum startete, die Grand Army Plaza umkreis... Mehr