Sandra holt Silber beim Basler Stadtlauf

Ein Bericht von Sandra Jacob

News from the slower Sandra

The Stadtlauf is always a great experience due to the lights and the festive atmosphere and I was looking forward to trying to run as fast as I did 2 years ago. During the first lap down Freie strasse Irene Keller ran past and greeted me with a pat on the shoulder. It then became a goal to stay as close as possible to Irene, which I almost managed to do for most of the race. Then during the last uphill stretch before Wettsteinbrucke there was a lady with “Fit mit Jacob” written on the back, and I found it fun to hear lots of encouragements for both Sandra and Jacob – double support! Not only that, I tried to keep up with this lady as well and eventually passed her on Wettsteinbrucke before the welcome sprint down Freie strasse to the finish line. Only later did I find out that “Fit mit Jacob” is a newly released book about a cat called Jacob that shows people how to do fitness exercises (sounds a bit funny – maybe a good Christmas present?), and that the lady was also in the same age group and passing her gave me the second place!

I never expected to be able to run fast enough to get on a podium at the Basler Stadtlauf, but thanks to Irene who pulled me along in the race and to Rainer, Gudrun, Francois and all the others who pushed me along during BRC trainings, I surprised myself, and probably some others too!

Herzliche Gratulation Sandra zur Silbermedaille in der Kat. F55 in der super Zeit von 23:36!!