Marinas Marathonerlebnis in Zürich

Ein Bericht von Marina Perich.


After running the Madrid Marathon three times, this year I decided to change and try my luck in Zürich. My main reason behind this was that Madrid is a very very hard marathon, with lots of hills, and I wanted to run a flatter marathon.

The training went by very quickly and I felt very strong. I did almost all my trainings perfectly, run a couple of half marathons, coming short of a PB, and I came to the starting line feeling very confident. But of course marathon running is never easy and it almost never goes how one expects it.

My goal was to run under 3h35. This seemed quite realistic from my training paces. So I started at around 5:05 pace. Almost from the start I felt weird. Not comfortable at all. I told myself that this would get better, I usually get this feeling at the beginning of the long runs and then it gets better. But this time it didn’t happen. At km 12 I saw my boyfriend and told him that I wasn’t feeling great. I was hitting the pace, but the sensations were completely off.

At that point a lot of thoughts crossed my mind. I was thinking about what would happen if I just stopped. But then I decided that I would finish no matter what. I tried to put all the negative thoughts away and just concentrate on running one kilometer after the next. Like that I arrived at the half marathon, then km 25 and was still more or less within my goal. But then from km 30 on I couldn’t hold the pace and I got way slower. I saw that I could still run under 3h50 and made that my new goal.

From then on every kilometer felt endless. Finally, I got to the km 38, where my boyfriend joined me and ran with me until the end. He shouted non-stop and tried to make me catch up to him. He was such a help, big thanks to him! The last kilometer I used all of my last energy and made it in 3:42:36, a new PB for me. I could not believe that not only had I finished the marathon with such bad sensations, but I even managed to run almost a minute faster than my previous PB.

So I was left with very mixed feelings. I would like to pinpoint why I felt so bad yesterday, but maybe I’ll never know. Maybe I shouldn’t have run the Freiburg half-marathon. Maybe I should have done longer runs. I will try to analyze this. But one thing is for sure. I know I can run much faster and I will take this race to push myself in the future.

Here again big thanks to the BRC for the amazing trainings! It’s awesome to be part of such a great team. And thanks for Rainer for being there to answer all of my training questions!